Potato Stick | Crispy and Chewy Potato Stick | Fried Potatoes Recipe

I made a more chewy and delicious potato stick than french fries . The normal potatoes have been transformed into crispy and chewy long legs! The potato starch is kneaded and fried. When I eat it, I know why it is definitely different from the general fries, so I put starch and knead it and eat it. It’s delicious to just eat, but it’s richer because it comes with simple cheese sauce. Once only a bite of potatoes. The second is a cheese sauce and a bite . I have a long and eaten, so I think it’s better.

[ Ingredients]

310g Potato

1g Salt

a little Pepper

60g Potato starch

50g Shredded cheddar cheese

10g Butter

30g Milk

Pepper, Parsley

[ Recipe]

1. Cut the peeled potatoes small and boil it with water in a pot.

2. Add salt and pepper to boiled potatoes, mash finely, add potato starch and mix evenly.

3. Put it in a zipper bag, push thinly, and then harden for 1 hour in the freezer and cut it long.

4. Put oil in a pan and fry potatoes when it reaches 200 degrees.

5. Put butter and milk in the shrended cheddar cheese, turn it in the microwave for 40 seconds, and then add pepper and parsley to mix to make a cheese sauce.