Egg Cutlets with Just 2 Ingredients | Cabbage Toast with Egg Cutlets | Fried Egg | Easy Dinner

With only two ingredients, eggs and breadcrumbs, You can make egg cutlets that are better than meat cutlets. It’s super easy to make, savory, and really delicious. It can be served as a side dish with alcohol, or made into toast. The toast is also really simple to make, but it’s really delicious. Even my family said it tastes better than buying it .


✤ Egg Cutlets

4 Eggs


A little salt

A little pepper powder

✤ Cutlet Sauce

20g Unsalted butter

Flour 10g (1Tbsp) any type

170ml Water

16g (2Tbsp) Soy sauce

15g (1.5Tbsp) Brown sugar

30g (2Tbsp) Ketchup

18g (1Tbsp) Vinegar

✤ Egg Cutlet Toast

2 Slices of bread baked in butter

1 Cheddar cheese

Cucumber pickle

One large handful of sliced cabbage

1 Egg cutlet

3Tbsp Mayonnaise sauce

1.5Tbsp Cutlet sauce

✤ Toast Mayonnaise Sauce

37g (2.5Tbsp) Mayonnaise

16g (1Tbsp) Honey

4g (0.5Tbsp) Lemon juice (can be omitted)


1. 20g Unsalted butter (cooking oil available), then melt the butter, 10g (1Tbsp) Flour (any type). Frying flour in butter, if the color has changed to brown, 170ml Water, 15g (1.5Tbsp) Brown sugar, 16g (2Tbsp) Soy sauce, 8g (1Tbsp) Vinegar, 30g (2Tbsp) Ketchup. Bring to a boil while mixing (low heat). When the texture becomes thick, turn off the heat, cutlets sauce finished.

2. Bread crumbs, sprinkle some breadcrumbs on the plate. Egg, place eggs on top of breadcrumbs, a little salt, a little pepper. Cover again with breadcrumbs, gather bread crumbs inside. Carefully pour into the hot oil. If the egg is brown, take it out. Sprinkle or dip the prepared sauce. Parsley (optional).

3. Making egg cutlets toast, 37g (2.5Tbsp) Mayonnaise, 16g (1Tbsp) Honey, 4g (0.5Tbsp) Lemon juice. Super easy toast sauce finished, 2 slices of bread toasted in butter. Spread a spoonful of mayonnaise sauce on the bread, cheddar Cheese, pickle cucumber, sliced cabbage, 1.5Tbsp Mayonnaise sauce.

4. Put the egg cutlets, sprinkle about 1.5Tbsp of egg cutlets sauce.. Bread and wrap, egg cutlets toast. It is a sound that touches the eyes and ears before eating.