No-Bake | Enjoy 3 different flavors and scents of Peach Cake. 🍑 | Peach Jelly Cake Recipe

Peaches are a must-eat fruit between June and August.🍑 I like all fruits, but I especially like peaches. Peaches are both lovely in taste and smell, and I think the color is such a fantastic fruit. I grinded whole peaches, put them in cheesecake, and put them in jelly. Since they are cooked in a variety of ways, you will be able to taste different flavors and aromas. In particular, the peach compote jelly tasted really good. If you also want a really delicious peach cake, try it.

📢 Ingredients

● Cake finished size ( 14cm*3.5cm*4cm, 4 pieces // 15cm*15cm *4cm )

● Peach compote jelly

(Mold size: 15cm*15cm)

250g peach pulp

80 g sugar

1/2 lemon

10ml Peach Liqueur (can be substituted for white wine)

peach peels

9 g powdered gelatin

45 g of water

50~80g of extra water (Fill in excess water so that the peach compote is 320g.)
(I added 60g.)

**(Please watch the video closely. Prepare 40g of syrup in advance for the top.)

● Peach Cheesecake

85g Grahams Cookies

10 g sugar

45 g unsalted butter

120g cream cheese

25 g sugar

30g unsweetened yogurt

5ml Lemon juice

5 g powdered gelatin

25 g of water

65g grinded peaches

100g heavy cream (50% whipped)

● Peach Transparent Jelly (for top)

40g Peach syrup (syrup that comes out when compote is made)

2 g gelatin leave

📢 Recipe

1. Use peaches that are red in color, use the peels to make a pretty color. Collect the peels. Cut the peaches into small cubes. Adding lemon adds a touch to the taste of peach compote, use peach liqueur (white wine can be substituted). But if not, you can omit it. Mix well and set aside for a while. You will get a very pretty color and fragrant peach juice.

2. This way, the compote won’t burn even if you don’t add water. Leave at room temperature for 30 minutes. It would be better if you put a sponge cake in it, but, melted butter . I wrapped it in kitchen wrap. Please trim it flat. 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

3. In the meantime, 30 minutes have passed. Very pretty pink color. I’ll put it in a pot and make peach compote. Skim off bubbles. After it starts to boil, cook for another 5-6 minutes. When you’re done, take out the lemon and peach peels.

4. Prepare 40g of peach syrup in advance, for the peach transparent jelly to be used on the top side. The rest is for peach compote jelly.
Fill the water. I added about 60g of water. Grind it very finely with a blender, add the melted gelatin. Gelatin was pre-soaked in water and then melted, added very little food coloring. But it’s optional. It is beautiful without adding food coloring.

5. I prepared white peaches. To avoid browning, I soaked it in sugar syrup for a while and then removed it. Grined peaches will be added to the cheesecake. You can also add pink peaches, soft cream cheese. I took the cream cheese out of the refrigerator an hour ago, add unsweetened yogurt. Melt the sugar well, melted gelatin, peeled peaches. The heavy cream was whipped to a flowing consistency. Simply pour over and over again, and a delicious cake is ready. I used a scale to make it even.

6. Pour 1/5 of the finished cheesecake, pour 60g to 65g at a time. frozen 10 minutes. This time peach compote jelly. Similarly, pour 1/5 of the amount, pour 70g~75g each. Refrigerate for 20 minutes, frozen 10 minutes. Refrigerate 30 minutes

7. Soak the gelatin leaves for 10 to 15 minutes, be sure to squeeze out the water, warm peach syrup. This is 40g of peach syrup that I prepared earlier. Refrigerate 30 minutes

8. Wrap it in a hot towel. A tense moment! Please cut it to the size you want.