Mango Milk Rice Cake | Mango Milk Rice Cake (Mochi) Recipe

I made a mango milk rice cake with plenty of Nooran mango. I think it’s softer and easier to eat than glutinous rice cake, and it’s easier to make. Mango is also added to the rice cake, and fresh fruit is placed on top of the rice cake. When I just made the milk rice cake, it didn’t stick to the frying pan, but it did stick a bit because mango was in it. Maybe it’s because my frying pan’s coating isn’t good. If you eat it cold, it becomes a little firmer, so it is easy to eat and tastes better. It’s a hot summer, so I think it’s good to eat it frozen.


190g Mango

120g Milk

70g Glutinous rice flour (dry)

40g Corn starch

15g Sugar

2g Salt


1. Trim mangoes and cut some into cubes to prepare them, and grind the rest in a mixer and sieve.

2. In a pan, add ground mango, milk glutinous rice flour, corn starch, sugar and salt, mix well and heat over low heat.

3. It becomes viscous and becomes a lump. Cook for about 3 minutes more, then put it in a bowl and cool it.

4. Make rounds of about 20g each, coat them with corn starch, shake off enough, and place the mango cubes on the top.