Cat Icebox Cookies | Cute Little Cookies Easy To Make

I made a gray cat this time with a slightly different color from the cat cookie I made last time. It has a simple shape and is easy to make, and I think the feeling changes a lot depending on how you decorate it. After you freeze the cookies at room temperature, the outside will melt quickly, so pan them in an oven pan and re-freeze them in the freezer for at least 10 minutes while preheating the oven for better shape. These are cute cookies that children will really like.


100g Unsalted butter

80g Powdered sugar

0.5g Salt

40g Whole egg

2g Vanilla extract

200g Cake flour

20g Almond Powder

0.5g Baking powder

4g Black cocoa powder

White food coloring

25g Powdered sugar

5g Egg white

3g Lemon juice


1. Melt room temperature butter, add sugar powder and salt, mix, then add egg and vanilla extract and mix.

2. Beat the soft flour and almond powder baking powder into a sieve, mix with a spatula, and take about 2/5 of it.

3. Add black cocoa powder and white pigment to 3/5 dough and mix to make gray dough.

4. Make a circle using parchment paper, and then shape it into a water droplet shape.

5. Leave a little dough enough to make both ears, and divide it in half to form a cylindrical shape and place it on top of the basic dough.

6. Make a cylindrical shape using parchment paper and harden it in the freezer for about 30 minutes, then make an ear with the remaining dough and attach it.

7. Harden in the freezer for 1 hour, cut into flat pieces with a knife, pan in an oven pan, and place in the freezer while preheating.

8. Preheat at 180°C, bake at 155°C for 15 minutes and cool.

9. Add egg white to sugar powder and mix, add lemon juice to adjust the concentration, then make pink and black icing and decorate.