I’ve Never Eaten Such Delicious Leftover Rice🍚| Simple And Cheap Recipe

It’s so soft and fluffy! I can’t believe this bread is made with rice! If you have leftover rice at home, you must try this super delicious bread recipe!


200g All-purpose or bread flour

3g instant yeast

25g white sugar

3g salt

100g leftover rice

80ml water

80ml milk

14g unsalted butter


1. 200g All-purpose or bread flour, dig space for the yeast, 3g instant yeast, 25g white sugar, 3g salt. Mix well, 100g leftover rice, 80ml water, 80ml milk. Blend well.

2. Add to the dry ingredients, mix well,14g softened unsalted butter. Knead the dough . Add some oil to a bowl, place the dough in the bowl. Cover and rise until double size.

3. Deflate the air bubbles, sprinkle some flour. Take the dough, flatten the dough, fold the dough.

4. Spread some flour on the dough, flatten the dough with a rolling pin, shape the edges with a rolling pin. Divide and cut the dough into 12 pieces. Move the dough to a baking pan lined with parchment paper.

5. Brush milk on the dough, brush unsalted butter (optional). Move the bread to a rack to cool. It’s so soft and fluffy!