One Pan, Butter Garlic Chicken | Korean Soy Sauce Chicken | Chicken Breast Recipe

I made butter garlic chicken with good flavor. Chicken made with sweet soy sauce that the whole family can enjoy. It has a new shape and is very easy to make. Great as a snack or side dish.

[2 servings]

✤ Ingredients

269g, 2 Chicken breasts (you can use chicken legs)

3 Pinches of salt

A little pepper powder

2 Sheets of seaweed for Gimbap

✤ Garlic Sauce

20g (2.5Tbsp) Soy sauce

15g Unsalted butter

18g (1Tbsp) Minced garlic

56g (3.5Tbsp) Honey

8g (1Tbsp) Cooking wine (substituted with vinegar)

✤ Toppings (optional)

Chopped roasted peanut (or sesame)

✤ Recipe

1. 269g , 2 Chicken breasts (can be chicken legs), cut the chicken breast into finger lengths. Put it in a plastic bag, 3 Pinches of salt, a little black pepper. Then mix well, if well mixed. Marinate in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

2. 2 sheets of seaweed for Gimbap, cut in half. Divide it into 4-5 again, when the marinade of the chicken is over, 30g (3Tbsp) Cornstarch. Apply the starch evenly. After rolling the seaweed over the chicken. apply water on the end and attach it.

3. Cooking oil, lay the chicken on the pan. Turn over on low heat and take good care of it. Only 70% cooked for a soft texture, wipe off any remaining cooking oil, 15g Unsalted butter, 18g (1Tbsp) Minced garlic

4. Fry the minced garlic in butter, 20g (2.5Tbsp) Soy sauce, 8g (1Tbsp) Cooking wine (can be use vinegar), 56g (3.5Tbsp) Honey. Mix well with the sauce, mix the chicken and cook. When the sauce is reduced and the chicken has turned brown.

5. Chopped roasted peanuts (optional). Turn off the stove and sprinkle with peanuts or sesame seeds. Dressed up in a black suit and ready for work in my mouth.