Pour Eggs on Tomatoes | Perfect Omelette | Tomato Omelette | Easy. Delicious

Make an omelette with eggs with healthy and delicious tomatoes. Tomatoes add nutrition and freshness to the fluffy and soft omelette.

Ingredient :


4-5 eggs

Green onion



1. Super Red Tomato , cut into 1cm thick, green onion, cut. Egg guys 4-5, green onion, 2/3 Teaspoon of salt, black pepper.

2. Medium low heat. Cooking oil and A little butter, cook tomato first, cook softly (Adjust heat to medium or medium low heat), a little salt, oregano. Turn it over when cooked, a little salt on the other side, oregano on the other side, too.

3. Change to low heat and pour 1/2 of egg mixture, 120-150g, mozzarella cheese or Cheddar cheese. Pour the remaining 1/2 of egg mixture. Dip the cheese in the egg mixture. Close the lid and cook 10-15 min over low heat (Adjust the time). When fully cooked, the eggs easily separate from the pan. Fluffy. Cover it with the plate and turn it over. Easy! Oh, no! It is placed on one side not the center. I added herb (Optional).

4. Let’s cut it like a slice of pizza. Wow! Mouth watering! It looks so delicious! Egg and tomato are really delicious together. Cheese also adds to the flavor. If you like omelette, you should try it with tomato. You will be surprised at the taste of tomato omelette.