Earl Grey Cake | Delicious and Beautiful Looking Desserts | Earl grey Milk tea Cake Recipe

I made cream by brewing tea leaves in whipped cream. If you want a darker color and taste, you can warm up about 150g of whipped cream, brew the tea leaves, cool it, and mix it with cold whipped cream. I think that the rich chocolate flavor by putting ganache on top of the cream gives it a sweeter and more luxurious taste. I finished it simply by squeezing cream on the rim without any other decorations, but it went well with the milk tea feeling.

▶Mold size: 15cm.


400g Heavy cream

10g Earl gray

40g Sugar

Sugar syrup

Ganache (70g dark couverture chocolate + 70g heavy cream)

155g Whole egg

90g Sugar

3g Vanilla extract

25g Unsalted butter

30g Milk

3g Earl gray

85g Cake flour


0. (Prepare in advance) Add Earl Gray to cold whipped cream, mix lightly, cover with plastic wrap, and simmer in the refrigerator overnight.

1. Place a bowl of eggs on a pot of hot water, add sugar and vanilla extract, and stir to raise the temperature to about 36-40 degrees.
(You can make a rich and dense foam by whipping the egg water by raising the temperature like this)

2. Take down the bowl of egg water, put Earl Gray in the bowl of butter and milk, put it on the pot, and raise the temperature with a hot water bath (about 55~60 degrees).

3. Whip the egg water for 3 minutes on high speed, 2 minutes on medium speed, 1 minute 30 seconds on low speed.

4. Sift the soft flour through a sieve, and mix until the raw flour is not visible (about 40 times), then take a portion of the dough and place it in a bowl of warm butter and milk and mix well.
(The reason for this sacrificial dough, where you take a little dough and mix it, is that if you add butter and milk directly to the dough, a lot of bubbles disappear and it takes a long time to mix, so the Genuise is baked low)

5. Put the sacrificial dough into the main dough and mix evenly. (If you mix for a long time, it will cause the dough to go out, so it is good to mix it about 30~35 times)

6. Pour it into an oven pan with parchment paper, beat it on the floor to clear air bubbles, bake in an oven preheated to 165 degrees for 37 minutes, take it out of the mold and cool it.
(As soon as you take it out of the oven, you need to give it a shock to the floor so it doesn’t get deformed)

7. Slice the sheet into 3 1.5cm high pieces, filter the whipped cream through a sieve, add sugar and whip it to make cream.

8. Put a Teflon sheet on the mousse mold, put a cake sheet, sprinkle with sugar syrup, squeeze the cream, and then squeeze the ganache into a whirlpool shape.

9. Repeat 2 times, remove the mold, put cream on the top, and icing neatly to the side.

10. Squeeze the cream on the top with a tip and shape it.