Good Morning Rolls (No knead Overnight Dinner Rolls Recipe | Easy & Effective)

Many people wants to bake bread in the morning. Due to the nature of fermented bread, it is difficult to bake bread as soon as you wake up in the morning. But, this method is the most effective way to make delicious overnight soft bread. I developed this method with all my heart and with all my passion. I hope this method brings happiness to many home bakers happy.

♣ Ingredients 

Water 70g (70ml) *have to adjust how much water you need(must follow video)

Milk 100g (100ml)

Beaten egg 25g (25ml) * It’s about half of an egg

Instant dry yeast 3g (3/4tsp)

Sugar 40g (3Tbsp)

Salt 5g (1tsp)

Melted butter 35g (35ml)

Bread flour 300g (2cups)


1. The liquid must be warm.

2. Use yeast in an amount of 1% relative to the amount of flour.

3. Use room temperature melted butter as much as possible.

4. Don’t remove gas and don’t pressing the dough when folding. (It could not rise enough)

5. When you round the dough, remove gas as much as possible and roll as tightly. (If it’s not, it may be overfermented)

6. If possible, set the refrigerator temperature to 5℃/41℉

7. In the morning, remove the gas well from dough and make a shape.
(If the refrigerator temperature was high, the dough may be too puffy. In this case, give it rounding and wait 10mins before making a shape)

8. When you make a shape, it should be tighter than usual.
(The dough has loosened overnight, so you need to make it tight)

9. Since the dough was cold overnight, if morning fermentation is not enough, the bread will be dense. Have to proof the enough.
(If your fridge temperature is lower 4℃/39℉, morning fermentation takes more time in the video)