Amazing Custard Cream French Toast Recipe | French Toast Super Delicious!


*French Toast

2 bread

2 eggs

sugar 1 Spoon

120g milk

*Custard Cream

240g milk

3 yolks

50g sugar

25 g of soft flour

Vanilla extract


1. 2 slices of bread, 2 eggs, 120g of milk, about 1 teaspoon. Mix well, leave for at least 30 minutes

2. Make custard cream, 3 egg yolks!, 50g Sugar, vanilla essential oil, 25g cake flour, 240g milk. Warm it up! if it’s too hot, the eggs will overcook! low heat! stirred. When boiling, turn off the stove

3. 20g Butter, cool in the refrigerator, cooking oil. Air fryer 170 degrees 12 minutes (varies by machine, oven included). Bake for 7 more minutes.