Super Crispy Crunchy | Fry the Seaweed and Rice Like This | It’s Really Delicious!

If you have seaweed and rice, try to make it. This is a new recipe for the gimbap. I named it as ‘Fried Pocket Gimbap’. You can use the ingredients you like in the gimbap.

Ingredient :

1. a bowl of rice

2. Dried seaweed

3. Spam

4. Cheese

5. Flour, Bread crumbs


1. 100g Spam, spam in hot spa. (You can reduce fat/oil from spam. Optional). Slice spam.

2. Cooking oil. Pre-heat the pan over medium-low heat, spam family, a bowl of steamed rice (300-350g), a little of salt, 1/2 TBSP of sesame oil. Mix, cheese. Cut it in the size of spam, dried seaweed, cut it in half.

3. Place the seaweed with the rough side up, spread 1 tablespoon of rice thinly, spam, cheese and a little rice on the other side. Fold the seaweed and press to attach. One more time. The rice on the other side is to cover spam part. Pocket gimbap ( or gimbap sandwich, whatever) is done.

4. You can change the ingredients inside of gimbap as you like. I added 1/2 of the perilla leaf this time. Flour : water = 1:1 (2/3 Cup each). If you add 1 TBSP of corn starch in the flour portion (Total 2/3 cup), it will be more delicious, bread crumbs, coat with the flour. It becomes snow white, coat with bread crumbs.

5. Pour enough cooking oil, medium heat. Sizzling sound always makes me happy. Turn it over after it is fried to golden brown. Put it on the mesh tray and paper towel to remove oil.

6. One more mouth-watering frying time. To get the crispy gimbap, do not touch it often. Serve it on the plate.