Cheese Bread | No Oven Fry Pan Cheese Bread Recipe

I made a cheese bread in a frying pan with chewy and delicious string cheese. String cheese is more savory and delicious than mozzarella cheese, and it is more convenient to shape. If you have a large frying pan, you can bake several at once, but be sure to cover it with a lid to cook it through to the inside. It was more moist and savory than I expected. I think it would be really delicious even if you dip it in honey. It’s fun to tear it up and eat it according to the shape, and a piece of bread is a snap.

▶About 4 servings.


170g Warm milk

30g Sugar

3g Salt

4g Dry yeast

300g Bread flour

1 Whole egg

40g Unsalted butter

12 String cheese


1. Add sugar, salt, and yeast to warm milk (about 40 degrees), mix, pour in flour, add eggs, and mix with a spatula.

2. Knead with your hands and knead for about 10 minutes, then add butter and knead until the dough is smooth.

3. Put the dough in a bowl, cover it with cling wrap, and ferment until the dough has doubled in size. Cut it into quarters and round it. Cover with cling wrap and let it ferment for about 15 minutes.

4. Remove the gas from the dough, make it long, put the cut string cheese on it, press it lightly, and pinch the dough with your hands to cover the cheese.

5. Roll it into a tornado shape and cover it with cling wrap and let it ferment for about 40 minutes.

6. Grease the pan with a little oil, wipe it with a kitchen towel, put the dough on it, cover it with a lid, and heat it on a very low heat for 6-7 minutes.

7. Turn the dough over, cover the lid again, heat for 6-7 minutes, and take it out.