If you have 2 Potatoes, Make This | Quick and Easy Potato Recipe | Potato Roll with Cheese


For 3-4 servings

2 potatoes 380g (weight peeled)

1 egg

half an onion

30g bread crumbs

30g parmesan powder






1. Half an onion, cut it small, 1 piece butter. I’ll fry the onion. If it’s fried to some extent, put in an empty bowl.

2. 2 Potatoes (380g peeled), cut it. I will boil. Mash the boiled potatoes, onion, 30g bread crumbs, 30g Parmesan Cheese Powder, 1, egg, salt, pepper. I will mix the ingredients well.

3. Cooking oil. Oil massage on baking paper, bread crumbs, sprinkle lightly, potatoes on it. Spread out in a square shape, sliced ​​ham, mozzarella cheese, pepper, lift up the baking paper and roll it up. You can add other ingredients according to your taste for the toppings inside the potatoes. You can also add grilled vegetables, mushrooms, tomatoes, etc, close both sides. Flip it over so that the smooth side is facing, trim it pretty.

4. Transfer to the oven pan. Put bread crumbs on top thread. Press with a thread. If you press too hard, the cheese may ooze out. 180°C (350°F) about 25 minutes, then let’s cut. Serve it on a pretty plate.