Hot Dogs with Cabbage Instead of Flour | Okonomiyaki Hot Dog | Super Delicious!

Are you still making only pancakes with cabbage?! You can make hot dogs (corn dogs) with cabbage instead of flour. I call it Okonomiyaki. Hot Dog!! It is really delicious.





Potato Starch

Spring onion


Salt, Pepper, Okonomiyaki sauce (or Tonkatsu sauce), Mayonnaise, Katsuobushi


1. Spring onion, cabbage. It looks like someone’s head. Julienne the cabbage, 250g cabbage, wash it several times, clean. Leave it for a while to dry it. Sausages.You can cleanly open it from here.

2. Make diagonal slits on the sausages, make slits both sides of the sausage so it doesn’t bend. One more.

3. Medium-low heat. Cooking oil. Sizzling. Sizzling. Make it yummy, 3 Cute eggs (150ml), 3 TBSP of potato starch (25g. You can use corn starch or flour), spring onion, a little salt (You can skip it), a little pepper. Mix.

4. Low heat, cooking oil. First, spread the cabbage thinly. Spread the egg mixture on it, cheese and sausage, roll it as tight as possible. If you add egg mixture at the end, it will be attached more firmly. Cook to light golden brown. It looks tastier. You can make corn dog shape(with stick) by covering the sides.

5. Spread the cabbage in the middle, spread the egg mixture bigger than the cabbage, cheese. Add sausage and roll it. Fold the sides while rolling. Add egg mixture to attach the end. Attach the sides. Perfect shape for the hot dog with the stick.

6. Roll. It is much easier, isn’t it?, attach the end with egg mixture. It is done quickly!!. Serve them on the plate. The hot dog on the stick is easy to eat. Okonomiyaki sauce or Tonkatsu sauce, mayonnaise, katsuobushi, spring onion (or aonori). It looks delicious! Mouth watering!. The outside is crispy and inside is soft. It is delicious and healthy. Cabbage is used instead of flour. You can slice and eat.