4 flavor Ballon Cheesecake Tart | Came Out Beautiful | How To Make A Ballon Cheesecake Tart So Preety

Hello, Do you know Cafe Glaciel in Le Tao, famous for its cheesecake?There is a dessert called ‘ballon de fruite’. This is a pretty tart decorated like a balloon by scooping fruit sorbet. The cream cheese cream is colored using raspberry, blueberry, mango puree and matcha tea. I am satisfied with that it came out beautifully. Please enjoy the video and try it.


♥︎ Puree

300g Raspberry + 60g sugar (if want, add 10-12g lemon juice)

300g Blueberry + 45g Sugar (” )

300g Mango + 45g sugar (” )

♥︎ Matcha mixture

1g Matcha

3g sugar

10g warm heavy cream

♥︎ Puree Cream Balls

60g cream cheese

24g sugar

60g yogurt

2g vanilla extract

3g gelatin (or gelatin mass 21g / Reference video https://youtu.be/5nvKbb3JyTU 14:16))

80g heavy cream

15g raspberry puree

8g blueberry puree

18g mango puree

14 g matcha mixture

♥︎ Tart Paper (Reference video https://youtu.be/_zRrus0D3Ig 3:43)

40 g butter

25g sugar

0.5g salt

25g eggs

100g cake flour

♥︎ Almond Peeling

27g butter

28g sugar

28g eggs

2g vanilla extract

28 almond flour

13g cake flour

15g chopped walnuts

♥︎ Cream filling

160g cream cheese

30g hot heavy cream

80g cold heavy cream

24g sugar

4g vanilla extract

2.5g Gelatin (or 17g gelatin mass / Reference video https://youtu.be/5nvKbb3JyTU 14:16))

♥︎ Matcha Genoise 12cm (Genoise reference video https://youtu.be/z40HB9k_Zlk 2:35)

40g cake flour

3g matcha powder

90g eggs

90g sugar

22g milk

18g butter

2g vanilla extract

* I used a 10cm-diameter sheet by cutting the edge of Genoise.

♥︎ Sugar syrup

60g water

20g sugar

♥︎ Pastillage (Reference https://youtu.be/jUNkVwnCbD0 )


1. First make the puree, in fact, this tart recipe requires very, very small amounts of puree. But I’m trying to make more to use it for other dessert later. The berries and mango were prepared by blending them. Lemon juice was omitted. if you are adding it, it’s about 8~12g for each puree.

2. Bring to a boil over low heat. Remove the mango from the heat after about 3 minutes after boiling. Remove the raspberries from the heat after about 8 minutes. Remove the blueberries from the heat after about 10 minutes. Strain the puree through a sieve. Then put it in a bottle and when it cools completely, close the lid and refrigerate it. It can be used up to 1 week when refrigerated. If stored frozen in ice trays, it can be used for up to 3 months.

3. Prepare matcha (processed green tea), the fourth ingredient. Green tea can also be used instead of matcha. But matcha results a better color. Mix matcha and sugar, then matcha powder will not clump together. Pour in the warm heavy cream and mix. Melt the gelatin mass or gelatin soaked in water in the microwave for 10 seconds. To know gelatin mass, check the link in the description box below. Mix a small amount of cream with the melted gelatin. Pour back the gelatin cream and mix well. This way, the cream will not harden easily at room temperature.

4. Divide the cream into 4 bowls of 60g each, add each puree and mix. Mango is light in color, so I add little food coloring, pour the cream into a piping bag. Fill up to 85% per hole. Fill the second mold with the remaining cream. You can make a total of 23-24 balls. Sometimes it could pops out and fly like this. I failed nice catching.

5. Prepare cold tart dough. Please refer this video on the right. Recipe and link are in the description box. I cut it to the size that fits the tart pan ( ⌀ 20cm). Add the eggs 4~ times and mix thoroughly each time. I used 17g of gelatin mass. Links to gelatin recipes are in More. Add heavy cream mixed with gelatin. Matcha Genoise and Sugar Syrup recipes are in the More section.
6. Please refer to the Pastillage Flower video. Links are in the description box. It was a really delicious and pretty, 4 flavor cheesecake tart. Happy baking!