Fascinating Recipes For Coffee | ☕️Coffee You Eat It With A Spoon & Chocolate Flavored Coffee Bean Cookies

📢 Ingredients

-Coffee Bean Cookies-

60g room temperature unsalted butter

55g sugar powder

120g cake flour

1 yolk

3g instant coffee

8g water

10g cocoa powder


10g instant coffee

75g sugar powder

100g cold water

1. If you only drink coffee, you may not live up to your expectations. This coffee is not everyone’s cup of tea

2. but it is delicious when coffee is added to milk.

3. If you make the cookie bigger, you need to bake it a little long

📢 Recipe

1. Instant coffee 3g, 8g hot water, melt the coffee. 60g room temperature unsalted butter, release the softened butter, 55g sugar powder. Mix well for 2 minutes using a hand whisk.

2. 1 yolk, mix in room temperature egg yolks. I’ll add coffee and mix well, 120g cake flour, 10g cocoa powder, sieve it once. Mix well with a spatula. Knead well with hands

3. Now take the dough to the size you want to make, make it round. I made it as small as 2g. I’ll use the back blade of a knife or a scraper to press it lightly. Now cover with cling film and place in the refrigerator for 40 minutes.

4. Make sure to harden and bake in the refrigerator so that the shape does not spread too much, 160°C (325°F) for 12 minutes. The smell of coffee and chocolate makes me feel better

5. 10g instant coffee, 75g sugar powder, 100g cold water. I’ll whip it on high speed for 6 minutes. Put it in a pretty cup of coffee. It’s like eating sweet coffee cream. I think it tastes better with milk…

6. Pour the coffee directly over the milk. Stir well before drinking. I hope it’s delicious. Wow! It’s delicious with milk.