[Simple and Easy] No oven | Oreo Icebox Cake Recipe

Hello, This time, I made an Oreo icebox. I remember eating it deliciously at Twosome Cafe, so I made it. It was much tastier and less greasy. Besides, the ingredients are very simple, so I think I’ll make them often.


30 Oreos

Whipping cream 500 ml

Cream cheese 200 g

3 spoons of sugar (30 g)


1. 30 Oreo cookies, 500ml whipping cream, 200g Cream cheese. A rectangular airtight container is available, if there is no rectangular airtight container, it is recommended to use a milk carton. Wash the milk carton clean before using. Cut one side of the milk carton, cut along the marking line, same on the other side and fix it with tape, and it’s over. If you don’t have an airtight container, try following! A useful way!

2. Use only 20 Oreos, twist, split. Separate the cookies from the cream, separate all 20 Oreos. Place ice on bottom for quick whipping.

3. 500ml whipping cream, 3 spoons of sugar (30g), gonna whip it with my hands. Whipping by hand takes 10 to 20 minutes. Whip carefully to avoid over-whipping, fresh cream has good yogurt concentration and whipping cream has good heavy concentration.

4. Room temperature cream cheese 200g, separated Oreo Cream. Make it soft, soften so that there is no lumpy cream cheese. Mix cream cheese several times with whipped cream, mix together at once and the cream may separate. Mix in the rest of the whipped cream. Be careful, mixing too much will separate.

5. Place paper foil in container, cut four corners according to the size of the container, cut it long and it’s easy to pull out later. Place paper foil in container, apply a little cream first, place the Oreo cookies, repeat the two motions. The more cookies you stack than the cream, the better. You’d better stack up four stories for gift wrapping. Finally, add cream until cookies are not visible, used the whipped cream pack by cutting it. Decorate with remaining cookies. Seal and age in refrigerator for three to four hours.

6. It’s easy to get out if you put it in the freezer for 30 minutes before you take it out. I cut it pretty for you as a present. It is convenient to use a spatula. Crispy cookies are softened by maturation, it’s tastier than the ones sold at cafes.