Banana Cupcakes | Banana Cupcakes That Are So Easy To Make | Without An Oven!


1 egg

55 g sugar

1.5 g salt

2 g baking powder

25 g melted butter

75 g banana milk

110 g cake flour


1. You can use other flavored milk instead of banana flavored milk.

2. If you use plain milk, add 2g vanilla extract.

3. It is okay to use salted butter instead of unsalted butter~ (But, if you use salted butter, reduce the salt to 1g.)

4. When using the oven, it is 170℃ 23 minutes. (There are some differences depending on the oven specifications.)


1. Break an egg, pour 55g of sugar next to the egg. About 1.5g of salt, 2g of baking powder. Mix the ingredients you’ve added so far with a whisk. Until the baking powder is no longer visible.

2. Sift 110g of cake flour, sift it down nicely, 25g unsalted butter. Today’s star, banana flavored milk, pour 75g of it. Now all you need to do is mix. At first, the flour feel left out, but soon it mixes. Mix finely until lumps are removed. Leave it for a while.

3. Combination of aluminum foil cup and muffin cup. Pour batter up to muffin cup height. Ready

4. Fill the steamer 1/3 with water, steam plate. Set medium heat and boil the water. When you hear the sound of boiling water, lay out the batter one by one. Steam it for about 15 minutes on medium heat. Yellow cake rose well. Banana flavored cupcakes. Fluffy and sweet.