Perfect breakfast | Grilled Rice Hotdog! NO Flour | Not Fried

This is a delicious and healthy hotdog (corndog) made with rice. It can be good meal or snack. It is more convenient because it does not get on your hands when eating.

Ingredient :

1. 4 sausages

2. 2 bowls of cooked rice (1/2 bowl of rice for each)

3. Cheese

4. Dried seaweed

5. Sauce: 1 TBSP soy sauce, 2/3 TBSP Cooking wine (mirin), 2/3 TBSP corn syrup (honey)


1. Make a few slits on both sides of the sausages. Medium low heat. Cooking oil.Grill sausages. Remove the excess cooking oil with paper towel.

2. 2 Bowls of cooked rice, 2/3 Tablespoon of sesame oil and a little salt. Mix. Dried seaweed, place cheese and sausage on the dried seaweed and roll it. Put a little rice at the end to attach it firmly. If you like cheese, you can add one more. Roll. It is the last one!!!

3. Make a rice ball with 1/2 bowl of rice, spread it like a blanket. Put sausage and roll it, if the blanket is big, simply cut out it. Press, spread.

4. Shaping, can cover the hole with rice easily. Nobody notices it. Medium low heat. A little cooking oil. The pan is a little too small to cook 4 hot dogs together, can put 2 hot dogs. It is more spacious, will grill 4 hot dogs together. It looks like cute little newborn puppies. Turn it over if the bottom is grilled. Roll it to grill it evenly.

5. After the outside is grilled, apply the sauce. Sauce – 1 Tablespoon of soy sauce, 2/3 Tablespoon of cooking wine, 2/3 Tablespoon of corn syrup or honey. Change the heat to ‘low heat’ before applying the sauce.

6. Apply the sauce, evenly apply the sauce and grill it. Grill it until it turns to light brown. Add sticks to make hot dogs. Press it to attach sesame seeds. Cut it to see inside. Sausage and cheese inside of grilled rice. It looks yummy.