Crispy Outside. Soft like Pudding Inside | Tofu with Mushrooms! Everyone Likes It.

Even people who don’t eat tofu will like it. This is a pretty, delicious and healthy Tofu recipe with mushrooms. It looks beautiful and tastes good.

Ingredient :

1. 300g Tofu

2. Mushrooms

3. The Sauce

: soy sauce, oyster sauce, water, syrup (honey or sugar), pepper, sesame oil, Korean green chili pepper, Korean red chili pepper.


1. 2-3 White mushrooms, spring onion (or green onion).Cut.

2. Making a sauce. 1 Tablespoon of soy sauce, 1/2 Tablespoon of oyster sauce (or soy sauce), 1/2 Tablespoon of corn syrup (or honey or sugar). (The sound of thunder? No, it is an air show…actually very far), 2 Tablespoons of water, ground black pepper. Mix and it is done. If you like some spicy flavor, add 2/3 of red and green chili pepper, remove the seeds (This part is very spicy). Cut. It tastes and looks better with chili peppers. This sauce goes really well with any ingredients.

3. 300-350g Tofu. Drain the water. Cook it in the microwave for 1.5-2 minutes to remove the water more easily (Optional). Remove the remained water with paper towel or cotton towel. Press it with heavy object and the water will drain well. Cut only the upper part of the tofu in small square shapes. If you place the sticks like this, you can only cut upper parts. Corn starch. Coat the top and bottom of tofu (Optional), it makes tofu crispier.

4. Low heat. Cooking oil. Carefully place the tofu on a pan with the cut side down. Because of starch, cut parts are attached and it makes it easy to handle. Pretty yellow color. It is what I want! Crispy. Make the bottom crispy, too. Cook the sides and make them yellow, too (Optional). The cut parts are slightly attached together and cook it on the pan. You can cut it later.

5. After cooking all sides, cut the upper parts only. Be careful not to cut the lower part. Pour the sauce. Pour it over the tofu. White mushrooms (You can use other mushrooms). This sauce makes mushrooms so delicious.

6. 1/2 Tablespoon of sesame oil, don’t have to cook it for long. Serve it on the plate. Put the mushroom sauce on Tofu and sprinkle with spring onion. Braised Tofu with Mushroom is done.