Super Crispy | Cube Potato Pizza | Super Simple! Really Delicious!!

The delicious potato pizza is inside of cube toast. The outside is crispy crunchy. Inside is tasty pizza. It is yummy!!. The cube shape is very cute. No worry about spilling food, and it is easy to hold and eat. Cube pizza without parsley on top. It looks like cheese tart . I added more cheese this time. One more good thing! You can play with cube pizza while where you come from.

Ingredients :

1. Potato 400g

2. Bread

3. Bacon

4. Tomato Sauce

5. Mozzarella Cheese


1. Bread, cut it in cube shape. It is cute cube shape bread. You can play with cubes like blocks. Cut the inside of cube, press to make some space in the middle. It is easy to press in case of soft bread, if your bread is not soft enough, cut out the middle. It is a cube bowl which you can put anything in.400g Potatoes.

2. Peel the potatoes, cut. Add potatoes and 2 TBSP of water, cook it in the microwave for 2.5-3.5min (Adjust). Mix it in the middle to cook evenly, remove the leftover water, gently poke the potato with a chopstick to check if it is cooked.

3. 1/2 teaspoon of salt, a little pepper, 2 Tablespoons of milk, mash it. Add parsley (Optional), mix evenly. You can add more milk if needed. Potatoes are ready!.

4. 80g of Bacon, cut it in small size, 3 TBSP Tomato sauce , get along well with each other. Put mashed potatoes in the cube bread, press and make potatoes flat. Add tomato bacon, Mozzarella cheese. Press the cheese to fill the space, add enough cheese, a little parsley. I will show you cube pizza without parsley later.

5. Put Cube pizza on the parchment paper or silicone paper. Bake it in the preheated oven ( 370°F. 10min. Adjust if needed). Wow!! Delicious smell!!. Crispy crunchy cube pizza!! Well done!!.