Chocolate Pudding | No Gelatin | Making Chocolate Pudding So Easy!

Today is the day to make chocolate pudding. In case of using unsweetened cocoa powder, add about 20g of sugar. In addition to corn starch, potato starch or sweet potato starch can be used (however, there is a difference in texture). If using unsalted butter, add a pinch of salt. Any chocolate that can melt other than dark chocolate can be used.


200ml milk

12g butter

20g corn starch

15g sweetened cocoa powder

25g dark chocolate

A little edible oil


1. First, melt 12g of salted butter, wwhen the butter melts, turn off the gas. Pour 200ml of milk, then add 20g of corn starch, be careful not to splatter. Stir to dissolve the starch.

2. If you have confirmed that there is no starch clumped, add 15g of sweetened cocoa powder. Mix cocoa powder well, too, melt without lumps. If it mixes well and turns into like chocolate milk.

3. Turn on the gas, stir hard over medium heat. It is important to keep stirring constantly. If it starts to thicken while stirring, reduce heat to low and prepare to add chocolate. Drop 25g of dark chocolate, melt chocolate naturally as well. Melting all the chocolate makes it thicker. If you get a line when you lift it, it’s done.

4. Turn off the gas and prepare to transfer to a heat-resistant container. Apply melted butter or edible oil evenly on the bowl. Pour the chocolate pudding. I’ll try to make it pretty.

5. Let cool for about 20 minutes at room temperature. Cover and store in refrigerator for 2 hours. Chocolate pudding is here. Looks like you need to be pretty.