Pudding Super Chocolate Brownies | Without Eggs | The Ingredients Were Easy To Get And Made It Very Easy

Using homemade fresh bread, the process of which was made in the previous video, I made brownie pudding that was super chocolate, the ingredients were easy to get and made it very easy.


3 pieces of white bread

90 grams of granulated sugar (+ – 6sdm)

2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

1 pack in order without taste / chocolate 500 ml of UHT liquid milk

100 grams of dark chocolate


1. 3 pieces of white bread (I use homemade white bread the process of making it is in the previous video), cut the edges.

2. 6 tablespoons sugar (90 GRAM), 2 tablespoons cocoa / chocolate powder, 1 packet (6 Gram ) of Agar agar, 500 ML Milk. Blend all ingredients.

3. Dark Chocolates 100 GRAM, chopped Chocolate. Bring all ingredients to simmer over medium low heat. After boiling, add the chopped chocolate.

4. Prepare a baking sheet that has been moistened with boiled water, tap the pan so that no air is trapped inside. Chill in the refrigerator + – 2 hours, turn over then remove the pudding from the pan. Yummy..