No flour. No oven! | Delicious Potato Pizza | Simple One Pan Dish

This pizza is made without flour and oven. How about the pizza with the pizza base made with potatoes and eggs? It is different from the ordinary pizza and worth to try.


2 potatoes

2 eggs
tomato sauce

sliced ​​ham

pizza cheese

* If you add corns , it will be more delicious.

* You can use flour instead of eggs by mixing the flour with potatoes before adding potatoes on the pan.


1. 2 Potatoes, cut the bottom of the potato slightly, make it flat Julienne. Sliced ham, slicing.

2. Enough oil to fry the potatoes, medium heat. Put a small potato slice to check. It is time to put 2/3 first. Spread them and fill the space with the remaining 1/3. If needed, close the lid to cook. You can add salt or pepper if you like, but pizza toppings and flavor of potato will be enough.

3. When it starts to cook, push the potatoes inside gently. It moves together. It means the bottom is all cooked. When potato is almost cooked, add the egg mixture, the egg mixture is fried as soon as it is added. Pour out the oil. Pizza base is done!! You can add pizza toppings on it.

4. In case you add a little oil, turn it over like this and cook the other side as well. You can fry the potatoes after mixing with flour instead of using eggs.

5. Tomato sauce. Spread the sauce, sliced ham, mozzarella Cheese. I wish I had corns. You can add it if you have, parsley powder.Toppings. whatever you like… I will add basil. Cover with aluminum foil, melting cheese over the low heat.

6. Move it to the plate. Potato pizza is done. I will try it. Yummy potato and delicious pizza toppings.