How To Make Green Tea Cake | Attractive Fragrant

I made a very tasty green tea cheesecake that is full of green tea flavor and goes well with cream cheese. The smell of green tea is not very strong so I think this is a delicious cake that you can eat comfortably and even children can enjoy it! When slicing the cheesecake, you can heat the knife and cut it clean. It melts in one bite and is really delicious. You can enjoy it better if you keep the cooked cakes in the refrigerator for half a day.


Daije Cookies Whole Wheat Cookies 53g

17g melted butter

Cream cheese 213g Cream cheese

45g sugar

Eggs 65g Eggs

47g fresh cream

34g plain yogurt

Corn Starch 10g Corn Starch

5g Green tea powder


green tea powder

White Chocolate


1. Put Dije in a zipper bag, crush it with a rolling pin, add melted butter, mix well, pour into a flat press.

2. Put the cream cheese in a bowl and mix gently, then add the sugar and mix well.

3. Add eggs and mix well, then add fresh cream + pure yogurt and mix well.

4. Sift corn starch + green tea powder, mix well, pour into molds and bake for 90 minutes by steaming in a preheated 120 degree oven.

5. Let cool for at least half a day.

6. Garnish with green tea powder and white chocolate.