Pistachio Raspberry | Cheese Tart


Cookie tart base

Cookies 90g

Melted butter 30g

Pistachio cheese

Cream cheese 130g

Sugar 35g

Pistachio paste 20g

Whipping cream 90g

1 egg

Cake flour 5g

Baking 165℃/329°F 38min

Raspberry Cheese

Cream cheese 50g

White chocolate 10g

Raspberry sauce 20g

Gelatin 2g

Whipping cream 100g

Mould size 18×8×5cm


1. First make the cookie tart base, crack the cookies, add melted butter, mix well, pour into the mold and compact, bottomless mold need to wrap tin foil, refrigerate and set aside

2. Make the pistachio grilled cheese, soften the cream cheese and sugar, mix well, add the pistachio paste and mix well

3. Add the light cream and eggs and mix well, sift and add the low gluten flour, mix well, if there are particles in this step, it is recommended to sift the batter

4. Pour into the mold, bake in the oven, cool after the oven

5. To make raspberry cheese, melt the cream cheese and white chocolate over hot water, add the soaked gelatin and stir until completely melted.

6. Take out the cheese paste, add the raspberry sauce and leave it at room temperature.

7. Whip the light cream to six or seven points, mix with the raspberry cheese paste, pour into the mold, spread flat, refrigerate for three hours and then unmold.

8. Sprinkle some powdered sugar, raspberry powder, chopped pistachios and raspberry sauce on the surface, done!