Make Street Toast With A Pan | Make Cabbage Egg Toast

Today, I made street toast in Korea. This toast is very easy to eat. It has a lot of cabbage, so the texture is nice and sweet, so it’s really delicious! And I saw a unique way to make toast on. It’s a way to toast and fry eggs together in a pan! This way we can make toast and eat.


2 plain breads

2 eggs

a handful of chopped cabbage

a little grated carrot

1teaspoon salt

a little pepper

1 tablespoon sugar


Butter or margarine


1. Add salt and pepper to the eggs and mix well.

2. Add the chopped cabbage and carrots to the eggs and mix well.

3. Heat the pan over low heat.

4. Put butter or margarine in the pan.

5. Place eggs and put plain bread on top.

6. When the eggs are cooked, turn them over.

7. Fold the convex egg inside, sprinkle with sugar and ketchup, and then fold it in half.

8. Finished after baking both sides of the bread evenly.