Make Rich Strawberry Macarons | Macarons Ganache With An Unforgettable Strawberry Flavor

Today, use Valrhona Inspiration Strawberry Chocolate. I made macarons with a strong strawberry flavor. Generally, when making ganache, chocolate couverture and whipped cream are mixed together. This time, I added strawberry puree instead of whipped cream to make the strawberry flavor more intense. More than cream-based ganache. Valrhona inspiration It has less of a typical strawberry milky taste, More intense color and flavor. The taste can be different, but I like sour, so it suits my taste very well.

♥ Ingredient

For 22 macaroons with a diameter of 3.5cm

French Macaron Coq

66g egg whites

66g granulated sugar

88g powdered sugar

88g almond powder

♥ Recipe

1. Divide the sugar into the cold egg whites in 3 to make a stiff meringue with pointed horns.

2. Add sifted almond flour + powdered sugar to the finished meringue mixture and mix gently as if using a spatula.
3. Spread the dough as if pressing it against the sides of a bowl and make the macaronage.

4. Shape into a circle with a diameter of about 3.2~3.3cm. Tap the disc to spread the dough to the desired diameter and thickness.

5. Let dry for 30 minutes to 1 hour until the surface is dry.

6. Bake at 150 degrees for about 10 minutes. Macarons vary widely in baking time and temperature depending on the oven. Please adjust the time and temperature according to the oven you have. After the cocoa has cooled completely, remove it from the plate.

Strawberry Ganache

Valrhona Inspiration Strawberry 140g

Strawberry Puree 70g

Starch Syrup 20g

♥ Recipe

1. Melt the Valrhona Inspired Strawberries at 4-50 degrees.

2. Add the mixture of strawberry puree and heated starch syrup and make an emulsion using a hand blender.

3. Cover with food wrap to keep it out of the air and harden until it becomes an easy-to-squeeze texture. Storage: Cocoa, after separating the seeds and filling, is put in a sealed container, refrigerated for about 6 hours, and can be eaten. If left in the fridge for too long, the cocoa can become too soft, so it’s a good idea to switch to the freezer when the cocoa has the right texture.