Caramel Cake | Harmonious Combination Of Bitter And Sweet Taste

This time I made caramel castella. I added vanilla to the castella, so it tasted like pudding and was delicious. Heat caramel sauce on top until colored, then add cream. Good balance between bitter and sweet.

♥ Ingredient

18cm cake mold

80g sugar

15g water

30g water

6 egg yolks

60g vegetable oil

115g cake flour

60g milk

6 egg whites

90g sugar

Bake in water bath at 155-160°C for 60 minutes and pour water at 80°C

♥ Recipe

1. Make caramel. Add flour and mix after mixing egg yolks, vegetable oil, milk and vanilla

2. make meringues. Add egg yolk powder to the meringue and mix

3. Put the dough in an 18cm square mold and bake in a pot of hot water in a preheated oven

4. Make caramel sauce and let cool at room temperature

5. Remove the castella and drizzle the caramel sauce on top