Rainbow Jelly Roll Cake 🌈 | Strawberry Roll Cake | Amazing cake

Today I made a beautiful rainbow jelly roll cake. I put milk cream on a soft and fluffy vanilla cake and rolled it up. And I put strawberries in the middle. It’s a very basic roll cake, but I made it a little more special and beautiful. The tangy rainbow jelly was made using ** without using a special mold. Actually, this jelly tastes really good on its own. As I ate it while testing, I became addicted. It is so chewy and has a great taste and texture. I made it in a rainbow color full of excitement, and it is a fantasy itself.Now, let’s make a beautiful rainbow jelly roll cake.

● Cake finished size [ 22cm * 9cm (D) ]

✤ Ingredients

● Strawberry Roll Cake

(Mold size: 25cm*25cm)

3 yolks

12g sugar (1Tbsp)

a pinch of salt

3ml vanilla extract

30g vegetable oil (2Tbsp)

35g Milk (2Tbsp+1tsp)

55g cake flour (1/3 cup + 1/2Tbsp)

3 egg whites

55g sugar (1/4 com)

● Milk cream

150g whipped cream (2/3 cup)

15g sweetened condensed milk (1Tbsp)

7 g sugar (2 tsp)

● Rainbow Jelly

(**Recipe below is required for each color.

– Recipe that can make 4 per color)
(Straw diameter 12mm, length 25cm*12ea/ 22cm*12ea)

25g sugar (2Tbsp)

3g Konjac (1tsp)

120g water (1/2 cup)

3ml lemon juice

60g cream cheese ( 1/3 cup )

15g sugar ( 1Tbsp )

15g unsweetened yogurt ( 1Tbsp )

3ml lemon juice

2ml vanilla extract

2 g powdered gelatin ( 1/2 tsp )

10 g (2 tsp) water

50g Heavy cream (80% whipped) ( 3Tbsp+1tsp – before whipping)

✤ Recipe

1. Add warm milk and oil. The vanilla sponge I’m making right now is really soft. Set aside for a while.

2. Make the meringue, divide the sugar into three portions. Pour it into the mold, 13-15 minutes at 165C. ( 330F). Please take out only the hot steam. Cut diagonally, cut diagonally in the same direction.

3. Make milk cream. If you add condensed milk, the taste of milk will be richer. Whip enough, like this. Apply the cream so that the 1/3 point is raised. I’m going to put the strawberry on the 1/3 spot, chop the strawberries. Cover with cream to fix the strawberries, use a ruler to pull it tight. You can use a silicone cutting board to make it round, 1 hour in the refrigerator.

4. You need a thick straw. Cover the bottom with kitchen wrap. Secure with clear tape. You will need about 24 of them. If you combine it with sugar, it won’t clump, if the elasticity of konjac decreases. You can add a small amount of carrageenan. Carrageenan helps to increase the viscosity. Make pretty colors with food coloring. After it starts to boil, cook for 1 more minute. Pour slowly into the straw, m1 hour in the refrigerator.

5. It is a cream to attach roll cake and jelly. I also made it with whipped cream. Because the cream has a lot of moisture, the jelly melts. So it is cumbersome, but I make the cream separately. However, the method and recipe are very simple to make. Be sure to mix gelatin in this way. Otherwise, the gelatin tends to clump together. Cream whipped to 80% volume. A tense moment! I’ll take the jelly out of the straw.

6. Press the upper part firmly and pull the lower part. Now wrap the cake. Press the straw flat to secure the lower couple. 3-4 hours in the refrigerator. It’s really tasty.