You Can Enjoy It Deliciously With Simple Ingredients! | Making Bread Pudding | Bread Pudding Recipe

I made a bread pudding that you can make quickly with ingredients you have at home. I think it’s perfect when you have leftover bread or want to make it easily with simple ingredients. Adding cinnamon powder makes it even more delicious. You can omit the cinnamon if you like. I think it will be really delicious even if you bake it with other ingredients such as ham, cheese, etc.

[ Ingredients]

2 Eggs

150g Milk

1T Sugar

1/8t Salt

1/8t Cinnamon powder

1/8t Vanilla extract

2 slices of Bread

[ Recipe]

1. Beat eggs in a bowl, then add milk and mix.

2. Add sugar, salt, cinnamon powder and vanilla extract and mix.

3. Cut the bread into cubes and mix it in a bowl with liquid.

4. Put in a container, pour the remaining liquid, and bake in an oven at 200 degrees for 15 minutes.