Crab Stick Pancake | Egg&Potato Recipe Easy

I made a more delicious crabmeat jeon by baking a mixture of eggs, potatoes, and creamy. The meatballs are delicious even if you put them in rolled eggs, but I think the texture is good and the taste is richer when you bake them with potatoes. You can add other vegetables little by little, but I made it with a little bell pepper. I mixed the egg whites with the ingredients and put the egg yolks in the middle and baked them. The taste is really good,,, well, I think it tastes like freshly fried fish cakes from a homemade fish cake shop! I usually like fish cakes, so I took a bite and it was delicious, so my eyes were round.

[ Ingredients]

1 small Potato

Green pepper

140g Crab stick

3 Whole eggs

Salt and Pepper

1T Potato starch


1. Slice the potatoes and green peppers into thin slices and place them in a bowl. Tear the creme into small pieces and place them in a bowl.

2. Add salt, pepper, and 1T potato starch and mix, then add egg white and mix, and set aside the yolk.

3. Put cooking oil in a pan heated over medium heat, put the mixture on top, spread it out and make 3 grooves.

4. Put one egg yolk in each groove and cover with a lid to cook. Turn over and cook until golden.