Condensed milk French Toast | Quick & Easy Recipe

I made condensed milk French toast with a sweet taste. Spread condensed milk between the 3 slices of bread and bake it thick, and it feels so soft inside that it is filled with moisture. When making French toast, it is delicious with other ingredients such as cinnamon and strawberry jam. It is easy to make and has a mild taste, so I think it will be reassuring to eat it with milk in the morning.

[ Ingredients]

3 slices of Bread

Condensed milk

1 Egg

5g (1ts) Sugar

60g (1/4 cup) Milk

a pinch of Salt

Unsalted butter

[ Recipe]

1. Sprinkle condensed milk on the bread, spread it, put the bread on top, and repeat. Place the bread again. (3 pieces, 1 set in total)

2. Add milk, sugar and salt to eggs and mix well.

3. Put a frying pan on low heat and add butter.

4. Dip bread evenly in egg water and place on a frying pan to bake evenly.

5. Put butter on it and eat it deliciously.