Fluffy Eggs as the Pizza Base | Tomato Egg Pizza | Fresh and Nutritious Breakfast!

Pizza base is made with the eggs instead of flour pizza dough. Fresh tomato and mozzarella cheese make this more delicious.

Ingredient :


Green onion

Mozzarella Cheese



Recipe :

1. Red tomato, slice it. Green Onion, cut. Mozzarella Cheese, slice it. 3 eggs, beat the eggs. Low heat, tortilla. Egg mixture, salt, pepper, oregano, a lot of Green onion, mozzarella Cheese, add cheddar cheese, too. You can skip cheese in the egg. Then, add a little more salt.

2. Put tortilla and cover it with the lid to cook the eggs, if you add butter after cooking the egg, it will be more delicious, tomato, oregano, salt and pepper, 150g Mozzarella Cheese. It looks like a pretty flower, add some cheddar cheese, too (Optional), parsley. Cover it with the lid to melt the cheese. Adding a little butter will make the tortilla crispier. Add butter at the end because it burns easily. The smell is more delicious because of butter.

3. Move it to the plate. You can eat it as is but if you add green leaves, it is prettier. You can add basil or arugula. I don’t have them so I used spinach. Due to the butter, the edges are really crispy. The eggs are used as the pizza base instead of flour dough. You can change the type or amount of cheese as you like. Fresh tomato makes it more delicious.