Sweet & Flavorful | Banana Cheese French Toast for Perfect Breakfast | Cinnamon, Chocolate Sauce.

It is not a dumpling. Perfect Finger Food! Sweet banana and flavorful cheese are in the pocket french toast. You can enjoy it in a variety of ways, including cinnamon powder, chocolate sauce, and maple syrup.

Ingredient :

Sliced bread



Mozzarella Cheese

Recipe :

1. Sliced bread, cut out the edges. Refer to ‘French toast like cake’ for how to use bread edges, press with the rolling pin.

2. 3-4 Cute eggs (3 Eggs would be fine), 2 Tablespoons of Milk (Optional). One pinch of salt, 1.5-2 Tablespoons of sugar. Sweet banana, cut it slightly smaller than the sliced bread. Apply the egg mixture on oneside of the bread. Put mozzarella cheese and banana and roll it. Press the edges to attach. It is better to use soft bread to make a shape. Attach sides tightly so that the ingredients do not leak out.

3. Splash in the egg mixture, low heat. A little butter. Add a little cooking oil. Coat it with egg one more time and put it on the pan, cook both sides, cook the sides if it is thick.

4. One more time, place the clean side up. Make all sides delicious, smell of sweet banana and butter. It is delicious to eat as is, but I will show you how to eat it in various ways.

5. Way to Eat 1) Eat with cinnamon powder. Cinnamon powder : Sugar = 1 : 2. Mix. Roll the toast on the cinnamon sugar powder. Way to Eat 2) Eat with chocolate sauce, cut 100g of the chocolate (I used cacao 35-40%), 4 Tablespoons of milk. Melt it in the microwave for 20-30 sec (Adjust the time). Mix until you get the thick chocolate sauce you know. Way to Eat 3) The easiest one to prepare, maple syrup. Cut it in half. Wow! The cheese!!. It is delicious with chocolate sauce. I will try it with maple syrup this time.