Take Simple Strawberries | NO Gelatin | Delicious “Glass” Cake in Just 3 Minutes!

Take plain strawberries! NO gelatin! Delicious “glass” cake in just 3 minutes! Today we show you how to bake a delicious strawberry shortcake in 5 minutes! This recipe is incredibly easy and quick! Plus, absolutely everyone will be fine with it because you don’t need an oven to make it! Yes, because this “glass” strawberry cake doesn’t need to be baked! Your whole family and all your friends will definitely be delighted with this dessert! So watch this video from start to finish to learn how to make the most delicious strawberry dessert!


800 grams of strawberries

70 grams of sugar

10 g agar agar


1. Water 700 ml, 70 g sugar, 10 g agar agar. Let it steep while we prepare the rest of the ingredients.

2. 800 grams of strawberries. What city and country are you watching us from? Very important for us, cut large berries into such slices, a few halved berries.

3. Bring the agar and water mixture to a boil, so lay out the berries. Pour a small layer of syrup so that the berries do not float. I was in a hurry to cut them, so I wanted to show them to you ((Tip: dry berry well and refrigerate until completely cool.