My Kids Can’t Believe These Cake-Like Buns Are Made With 1 Potato❗| So Easy

These potato breads are so beautiful! super delicious! The inside is super fluffy and soft! If you have a potato at home, you must try this recipe!


135g potato

15ml water

150ml milk

25g white sugar

3g instant yeast

1 egg

250g bread flour

28g unsalted butter


1. 135g potato, chop the potato. Move to a bowl, 15ml water. Cover and microwave for 4-5 minutes. Mash the potato with a fork, move to a bigger bowl, 150ml milk. Mix well, 25g white sugar, 3g instant yeast, 1 egg. Mix well, save about 10ml for later. 3g salt, mix well, 250g bread flour. Mix until ingredients are combined. Cover and rest for 30 minutes.

2. 28g unsalted butter, microwave for 20-30 seconds. After 30 minutes, add the remaining butter. Knead the dough until the surface is smooth. Cover and rise until double size, deflate the air bubbles, sprinkle some flour.

3. Place the dough on a kneading board, gently knead and shape the dough. Leave a comment down below if you have a question! Cut the dough to the center. Open up the dough, cut and divide the dough into 10 parts (or 12) , each piece is about 59g.

4. Take a piece of dough, shape the dough into a ball. Place in a non-stick baking pan. Cover and rise for 30-45 minutes, brush egg wash.

5. Bake for 15-18 minutes at 356F/180C, after baking, place on a rack to cool.