Vegetable Pasta Recipe Better Than Meat | Veggie Coconut Milk Pasta | Vegetable Pasta Sauce Divine

This is a pasta recipe that even people who don’t like vegetables will love. I made it only with vegetables and it tastes like this?? It’s a taste I keep eating. You can feel the sweetness and deep taste of vegetables at the same time. The flavor of coconut milk is added to enhance the taste. It is a delicious taste that can be enjoyed by both children and adults who do not like vegetables.

[2 servings]

✤ Ingredients

200g Rigatoni (other types of noodles available)

3g(1tsp) when boiling noodles

80g Carrots

80g Onion

80g Red bell pepper

80g Celery

127g, 8 pieces, Cherry tomatoes

✤ Seasoning

30g (3Tbsp) Olive oil

18g (1Tbsp) Minced garlic

0.5g (0.5tsp) Crushed red pepper (can be omitted)

2g(1tsp) Oregano

3g (1tsp) Salt

80g(5Tbsp) Tomato pasta sauce

100ml Coconut milk

100ml Water

A little pepper powder

✤ Toppings

Parmesan Cheese

Crushed Red Pepper


✤ Recipe

1. 80g Celery, 80g Onion, 80g Red bell pepper. Cut all vegetables into small pieces, 127g, 8 Cherry tomatoes, 80g Carrots, 30g (3Tbsp) Olive oil, 18g (1Tbsp) Minced garlic, 0.5g (0.5tsp) Crushed red pepper. If the garlic is cooked white, add the cut vegetables, 3g (1tsp) Salt, 2g(1tsp) Oregano, 80g (5Tbsp) Tomato pasta sauce.

2. Stir-fry over medium heat, when the vegetables are fully cooked, 100ml Coconut Milk, 100ml water. Change to medium heat and cook, if the vegetables are overcooked. Turn off the stove.

3. A little pepper powder, grind the ingredients finely, 200g Rigatoni ( serving), 3g (1tsp) Salt. Boil the noodles on medium heat for 13-14 minutes. Pour the grinded sauce back into the pot, drain the noodles and put them in the sauce. Heat while mixing so that the sauce warms up again. Parmesan Cheese, parsley, crushed red pepper. The identity of the source that cannot be known just by looking at the appearance. Wow~ The sweet and deep taste of gentle vegetables double punches in my mouth, it’s perfect.