How To Make Simple and Delicious Scones | A Wonderful Recipe and Worth a Try

How to make simple and delicious scones Let’s make simple and delicious scones.

Ingredients ( 6 scones)

40 g eggs

Whipped Cream (Heavy Cream) 40g

100 g butter

Cake flour 250g

Baking powder 8g

Sugar 80g

Salt 3g


1. 1 egg 40g whipped cream, 40g part of egg (the rest of the egg will be applied to the top of the scone). Cut 100g of cold butter into cubes.

2. Cake flour 250g, baking powder 8g, sugar 80g, salt 3g When working by hand, mince cold butter to about 0.3~0.4cm. Press the operation button of the food processor at short intervals. This size is just right.

3. Add a mixture of egg and whipped cream (heavy cream) and press the operation button at short intervals. After wrapping, the dough flat, let it rest in the refrigerator for at least, 30 minutes . Bake for 16-18 minutes at 180℃ (356℉) in a preheated oven with, egg wash.