Super Easy and Fast | Chicken Breast For Dinner | Soft and Moist!


Chicken breast


Salt and pepper

Sauce Recipe!

1 spoon minced garlic

1 spoon soy sauce

2 spoon honey

Peperoncino (optional)

Lemon (1 spoon vinegar can be substituted)


1. Yellow lemon, green onion, Chicken breast. The point is to get rid of the water completely. Press the thick part with a flat surface, it will be easier to bake if the thickness is the same. If you cut it, it will cook quickly

2. Table salt, pepper, olive oil and garlic. Bake on medium heat for 2 minutes! Flip and bake for 2 minutes Low heat and 3 minutes!

3. 3 minutes ago, butter, garlic 1 teaspoon, peperoncino, soy sauce 1 teaspoon, honey 2 teaspoons. Perfect, lemon (1 tablespoon vinegar available).