Cherry Tiramisu | Making Fresh Cherry Tiramisu at Home

Hello, Today, I prepared fresh cherry tiramisu . One day, a subscriber requested a cherry tiramisu video, and cherry season came and I made it. Instead of the classic tiramisu cream with yolk and gelatin, I made it with compote, mascarpone cheese, and a small amount of fresh cream to make the fruit taste better. I think it has a different charm from the classic tiramisu because it contains fresh cherry. I used the cherry used in compote as a tart cherry variety with strong acidity and less sweetness. If you use biophys during cherry season, it will be finished in a state where you can feel the taste of a more natural cherry.

▶17*17cm Cherry Tiramisu


(Biscuits a la cuillere(Savoiardi))

Egg White 50g

Sugar 35g

Egg Yolk 25g

Vanilla Extract 2g

Cake Flour 40g

Powder Sugar

(Cherry compote)

Frozen Tart Cherry 330g

Sugar a 100g

Sugar b 30g

Cornstarch 15g

Lemon Juice 15g

Kirsch 10g

(Cherry Syrup)

Water 50g

Sugar 10g

Cherry Compote 50g

Kirsch 15g

(Mascarpone Cherry Cream)

Mascarpone 400g

Sugar 50g

Whip Cream 120g

Cherry Compote 250g

Kirsch 10g

* Fresh Cherry 250-300g

Decogel, Dill for decolation


(Bisqui a la Quiere (Savoy Ardi))

1. Prepare a 17*17 square pan by cutting parchment paper or Teflon sheet.

2. Start making meringue with a hand mixer on medium speed.

3. Add sugar in 3 portions, and make a strong meringue with shiny and soft horns.

4. Add the yolk and vanilla extract and mix lightly on low speed.

5. Add sifted soft flour and mix lightly so that the meringue does not go out.

6. If the lumped powder is invisible, pan it immediately.

7. Spread the dough to fill the corners, and gently sweep it with a spatula to make it flat.

8. Lay out paper foil and sprinkle with sugar powder to coat.

9. Bake in an oven preheated to 170 degrees for 9-10 minutes (based on Unox)

10. If the biscuit comes up elastically when pressed, it is ripe.

11. Remove the baked sheet from the mold immediately and let it cool completely.

(Cherry compote)

1. In a pot, measure together frozen cherries and sugar a.

2. Prepare sugar b by mixing it with cornstarch.

3. Put the pot with cherries on medium-low heat and heat until the cherry flesh and sugar dissolve and come to a light boil.

4. Add lemon juice and mix.

5. Add the mixed sugar and cornstarch and boil for 1-2 minutes, stirring well to avoid lumps.

6. Remove from heat for a while and grind the flesh with a hand blender.

7. Put the pot back on medium-low heat to adjust the consistency.

8. If the bubbles rise large and become thick when you stir, you are good.

9. Add kirk and mix well, then transfer to a wide batt.

10. Wrap tightly as it is and cool completely in the refrigerator.

(If you want to use it right away, you can support it with an ice ball and cool it quickly)

(Cherry Syrup)

1. Heat water and sugar in the microwave for 30 seconds to make it warm.

2. Stir the sugar to dissolve it completely.

3. Add cherry compote and stir well.

(I did not reheat the compote because it was warm, but if the compote is cold, it is better to warm it with syrup)

4. If compote has been soaked in syrup enough, sieve it, filter the flesh once, and cool it to a lukewarm state.

5. Add Kirsch to the cooled syrup and mix well.

(Mascarpone Cherry Cream)

* Prepare all ingredients in a cold state.

1. Lightly loosen the mascarpone with a hand mixer at low speed.

2. Add sugar and mix lightly.

3. Add fresh cream and mix lightly at low speed to adjust the consistency. (It is enough to mix for 30-50 seconds.)

4. Add cold compote and kirsch and mix lightly with a spatula.

(montage + complete)

1. Peel off the baked sheet once in advance for easy separation after completion.

2. Put the Teflon sheet back into the pan, and also put the cooled sheet in.
(Tiramisu is made by dipping biscuits in syrup, but I plan to pour it from above, so I made a hole slightly with a fork to allow it to permeate well)

3. Apply all the syrup you made and pan the finished cherry cream.

4. Just like when arranging the sheets, fill the corners with cream first, then turn the pan to organize the dough.

5. Let it mature in the refrigerator for 4 hours or more.

6. Remove the aged tiramisu from the mold and cut it into 6 equal rectangles.

7. Transfer the tiramisu to the serving plate, and prepare the washed sanjang.

8. Trim by removing stems and seeds, leaving only 6 pretty cherries for finishing.

9. Put the trimmed cherries in a bowl and mix the maze with an appropriate amount.

10. Garnish the tiramisu with plenty of cherries.

11. The middle part will be loaded with cherries, so don’t pile it up like a mountain, and leave it slightly empty.

12. Put the remaining cherries on top and finish with the cleaned dill.