Praline Chocolate Mousse Cake | Praline Chocolate Mousse CakeRecipe Amazing

Hazelnut Praline Chocolate Mousse cake recipe (16cm cake)

Praline paste

150g sugar

75ml water

150g hazelnuts

if it is difficult to process the caramelized hazelnuts into paste, add 1 – 2 tsp neutral flavour oil

Chocolate sponge cake (pan size: 36 x 22cm or 14 x 9 in)

30g dark chocolate

30g butter

40g (ml) milk

3 egg yolks

30g cake flour (or all purpose flour)

15g cocoa powder

3 egg whites

60g sugar

Chocolate mousse

55g – 65g dark chocolate

35g hot heavy cream

1 gelatine sheet (1.5g)

1 tbsp milk

125g cold heavy cream, semi whipped

Praline mousse

55g praline paste

1 gelatine sheet (1.5g)

1tbsp milk

125g cold heavy cream

Chocolate glaze

40g sugar

60g water

15g glucose syrup (or corn syrup)

10g cocoa powder

2 gelatine sheets (3g)

Pour the glaze mixture at 30-35C over the cold cake, then put the cake back into the fridge for 15 – 30 minutes and unmold the cake

You can soak the sponge cake sheets with espresso or milk and decord the cake top as you like