3 kinds of Financier Recipes | Matcha Green Tea | Chocolate | Lemon

I made financiers using a lot of egg whites in this post. It’s a recipe to make 3 kinds of financiers efficiently, but if you want to make only 1 kind of financier, e.g. matcha flavor, please make it with one third of the egg white dough. They are financiers with aromas such as matcha, chocolate and lemon so I used melted butter instead of browned butter. Let them sit overnight from baked out so that it has a moist texture and melts in your mouth and flavorful taste.

📢 Ingredients

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■Egg white dough

375g egg white

240g sugar

75g honey

225g almond flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

➢Matcha green tea financier 12 pieces

300g egg white batter

10g matcha green tea

45g flour

25g powdered sugar

115g unsalted butter

➢Chocolate Financier 12 pieces

300g egg white dough

15g cacao powder

40g flour

15g black chocolate

115g unsalted butter

➢Lemon financiers 12 pieces

300g egg white dough

55g flour

2 teaspoons poppy seeds

Zest of 2 lemons

115g unsalted butter

📢 Recipe 

1. Mix egg whites and sugar at room temperature. You can add baking powder if you want to. Baking powder is not often used in financier recipes.

2. Divide this egg white dough into 3 parts and add matcha, cocoa and lemon to each. Sift matcha powder, flour and powdered sugar. This is very important because matcha powder is difficult to mix with the dough. Add matcha powder to one third of the egg white dough. Add melted butter. Add it after cooling it a little.

3. Next, I will make chocolate financier. High cacao chocolate is recommended. Make lemon financiers in the same way. In the video, flour and melted butter are added at the same time, but this is a bad example. Make sure to add the melted butter after mixing the flour. The butter does not mix well with the dough, or the oil separates when baked. It’s a good idea to use lemons without preservatives. I recommend adding lemon liqueur a little bit to give a nice aroma if you have one. Each financier dough is for about 12 pieces.

4. Spray oil on this financier mold. The temperature is 180 °C for a convection oven and 200 °C for a normal oven. Remove the financiers from the mold as soon as it is baked. Wrap them after they get cold and let them sit for 24 hours at room temperature. Freshly baked financiers are hard, but the next day they become moist and soft.

5. Make lemonade with peeled lemon. Waiting for 24 hours without eating financiers is a very difficult task. I’m also making lemonade.
They are all delicious, but Matcha financier is my favorite.