Inside Out! Sandwich Gimbap | Ham Cheese Rice Roll! Delicious to Eat Everyday!

I put the rice on the normal sandwich ingredients (Ham, cheese, egg, veggies and rolled it like gimbap instead of inserting the sandwich ingredients between breads. Sandwich ingredients are not hidden inside. It is exposed outside and make the gimbap look prettier.


Steamed rice

Dried seaweed


Ham for Sandwich


Perilla leaves

Cucumber, pickled radish


1. Cucumber, Pickled radish, 3 eggs, 1/3 Teaspoon of salt. Low heat. A little cooking oil, pour egg mixture, this part turned to brown , cook the other side for a short time. One more, turn it over. Cut the sides to make it a square shape. Smaller.

2. 2 Rice bowl of steamed rice (500-600g), a little salt, a little toasted sesame seeds, 2/3 Tablespoon of sesame oil (Optional).Mix.

3. Dried seaweed, cut it into wide stripe . I do not need scissors.

4. Be ready to make the gimbap. Dried seaweed, egg, sandwich ham. Cheese, perilla leaf.1 tablespoon. Spread the steamed rice . Sriracha sauce (You can use hot sauce). Pickled radish, cucumber …and Roll. You can use steamed rice like a glue to attach seaweed.

5. Again…,Seaweed, egg, ham, cheese, perilla leaf, rice. Roll. Egg, ham, cheese, veggie…It looks like I am making a sandwich. But add rice and roll it instead of inserting it between breads . I skipped pickled radish, this time. Inside out sandwich gimbap is done!!.