Cream Cheese Garlic Baguette | Garlic Flavor Mini Baguette Recipe | Garlic Bread

Baguettes are crispy, savory and delicious bread. I put garlic-flavored cream cheese in it and baked it. It is easy to eat because it is made into a cute mini-sized baguette. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, it’s really delicious. You can freeze it and eat it whenever you want.


[10 things]

✤ Dough

200g Bread flour

4g (0.6Tbsp) Instant dry yeast

3g (1tsp) Sugar

3g (1tsp) Salt

130ml Warm water

✤ Filling

120g Cream cheese

10g (1Tbsp) Sugar powder(Sugar available)

12g (1.5Tbsp) Melted unsalted butter or room temperature unsalted butter (soft)

18g (1Tbsp) Minced Garlic


1. 130ml Warm water, 4g (0.6Tbsp) Instant dry yeast, 3g (1tsp) Sugar. Dissolve yeast and sugar, 200g Bread flour, 3g (1tsp) Salt, after coating the flour with salt. Mix all together.

2. After making my hands busy again today, if the dough is smooth without dry flour. Ferment in a warm place to 2-3 times the size (35℃~36℃).

3. 120g Cream cheese, 12g (1.5Tbsp) Melted unsalted butter (or room temperature unsalted butter), 18g (1Tbsp) Minced garlic, 10g (1Tbsp) Sugar powder (sugar available). Mix all ingredients well. Keep the cream cheese mixed well in the refrigerator to prevent it from melting.

4. After all the gas has been removed from the dough, divide into 10 equal parts. Take the gas out again, then make it into a ball. Sprinkle with flour to prevent sticking, cover and ferment at room temperature to double the size (about 30 minutes).

5. 30 minutes later, remove all gas from the dough. Then in the shape of a ball, spread it thick. Make the edges thinner. Inside out. Squeeze the cream cheese, carefully packaged. Sprinkle flour to prevent sticking and shape. Cover with wrap and let it ferment again to double the size (20-30 minutes).

6. Now cut out the scabbard in the shape you want. After moving to an oven preheated to 230°C (446°F). Bake at 230°C (446°F) for 10 minutes, then . Bake at 200°C (392°F) for an additional 15 minutes. A well-baked baguette makes the sound of burning firewood. What does the inside look like.