Beautiful Sprinkle Cake | Chocolate Genoise | Creeeamy White Chocolate Buttercream.

Hello, I’m Joconde.

This post is a colorful cake video made by icing light and soft white chocolate buttercream on soft chocolate genoise. White Chocolate. Buttercream is very creamy and light, just like whipped cream. It’s not greasy and it’s not too sweet, so I keep eating it. It goes very well with the fluffy chocolate genoise. This cake is made of melted Isomalt, poured into molds and sprinkled with sprinkles and decorated with candy. A fun deco was completed while being flashy. I felt like I was joking around while making it.


♥︎ Sprinkle Isomalt Candy

Appropriate amount of sprinkles (Foodrium)

Appropriate amount of isomalt

Heart shape silicone mold

♥︎ Chocolate Genoise (15cm / 6 inch)

70g cake flour

16g cocoa Powder

160g eggs

120g sugar

40g milk

32g butter

4g vanilla extract

2g instant Coffee

♥︎ Syrup

75 g water

25 g sugar

♥︎ White Chocolate Buttercream

100g white chocolate

75g heavy cream

200g butter

90g egg whites

100g sugar

3g Kirsch

2g vanilla extract


1. Put isomalt in a pot on low heat to melt it. Isomalt is strong against moisture and does not turn brown even when heated, so it is often used for decoration. Melt slowly until it reaches 170℃. Pour the hot Isomalt into the silicone mold. Sprinkle with isomalt before it hardens.

2. Remove when completely cooled. If it is opaque due to cold moisture on the back side, heat it slightly with a torch to make it clear. Try making sprinkles of other shapes as well. A red heart was also prepared by adding red coloring to the isomalt.

3. Next we make the cake. First, make a chocolate genoise sheet. Melt the sugar completely and heat to 42 degrees. Put butter and milk vanilla extract in warm water and heat to 50℃. Whip the heated egg mixture for 6 minutes on high speed and 2 minutes on low speed.

4. This time I make white chocolate buttercream. Pour the hot heavy cream over the white chocolate and melt it well. Add sugar to the egg whites and mix . Put it on hot water bath until the sugar is completely dissolved. When the whites reach 60 degrees, remove from the hot water bath. Whip the whites at medium speed to make meringue. Makes a firm and shiny meringue. Add one or two pieces of room temperature soft butter one at a time while whipping.

5. Mix in the melted white chocolate ganache. Prepare 4 chocolate genoise 1.5cm thick. Apply enough syrup. The syrup recipe is in the description box. Let it harden for a while in the refrigerator. Add pink food coloring in the remaining buttercream, the sprinkle part should be inward so that it does not fall off.