Pour Eggs Into Boiling Water | This Is The Best Way To Cook Healthy Eggs

It has meat and vegetables so It’s nutritious and full. Then make it and enjoy it. Have a healthy and happy day today.


4 eggs.

1 small spoon of salt.

1/3 of carrots.

5 to 6 chives.

1 cup of minced meat (50g)

Half a bell pepper.

Cooking oil


1/2 small spoon of salt.

1/2 small spoon of sugar.

1 tablespoon of soy sauce.

1/2 tablespoon of oyster sauce.

2/3 cup of water (paper cup)


1. Put 4 eggs in a bowl, 1 small spoon of salt, mix it well. Leave this for a while slicing the vegetables, cut the carrots, spread it out and slice it. Chop up the bell peppers, put them in a bowl, finely chop them. Put them in a bowl.

2. Crush the garlic and finely mince it, put it in a bowl. Chop green onions or chives into small pieces, put it in a bowl.

3. Pour water into the pot and when the water boils over high heat, pour the egg in. After 20 seconds, reduce the heat to medium heat and, stir gently with a spatula and clump the eggs together. When the egg is cooked, turn off the heat. Drain the water and put it in a bowl.

4. Put oil on the preheated pan and cook minced meat over medium heat first. When the meat cooks and turns white, add minced garlic and green onions. Fry until garlic is fragrant and meat is golden, add carrots and bell peppers, 2/3 cup of water (paper cup), 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1/2 teaspoon of sugar, soy sauce 1T, oyster sauce 1 / 2T. Mix it well, starch water (water 1T: Starch 1T). Mix and drows until thickened.

5. Put the sauce on top of the egg, the egg is moist and soft.