Breakfast Super Nutritious And Tasty | Making Really Delicious Cabbage Toast

Crisp cabbage texture and thick eggs are really delicious!! Just made this. and you guys.. it’s really freakin good! Go make it! I was a bit skeptical of adding ketchup with their already being honey mustard but honestly it’s great and if you want to have a fresher taste even, you could even just add a tomato slice instead.


4 eggs

4 white bread



green onions



1. Cabbage, wash it, green Onion, carrot. It was comfortable to cut carrots. 4 Eggs (For 2 toast), remove chalaza of egg, salt 1/2ts.

2. Put vegetables, put the butter and bake bread. Add oil evenly, pour gently, fold gently. Push and press down, make the shape pretty, make one more quickly.

3. Point is the texture of cabbage!push gently, pour gently. Fold gently and press!add Cheddar cheese, ketchup, honey mustard, orange juice.