Yorkshire Pudding | Crispy / Chewy | British 300-year-old Yorkshire Pudding Recipe|Make at night and bake in the morning

Yorkshire pudding is different from the sweet pudding we usually know as a dessert. Full of savory flavor. It is usually served with main dishes such as roast beef. It tastes better when aged overnight. Place the muffin tin on the oven pan as oil may overflow as it bakes. Sugar can be omitted.


2 eggs

100g all purpose flour

100g milk

half a tablespoon of sugar (5g)

a pinch of salt

[Recipe ]

before bed

1. 2 eggs, mix it well + half a tablespoon of sugar (can be omitted) + a pinch of salt + 100g of milk. Mix well.

2. 100g all purpose flour, please sieve. I’ll mix it so it doesn’t clump. Pour the dough into an easy-to-pour cup. Cover with cling film and ripen in the refrigerator for 1 hour to overnight.

next day

3. Take the dough out of the refrigerator and mix it once.

4. Add 1-2 tablespoons of cooking oil to each compartment. 190°C (375°F) 15-20 minutes in a preheated oven.

5. Put the dough directly into the heated oil, 190°C (375°F) 25 minutes.

6. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. The taste is savory and I want to keep eating it.